You "DESERVE" the real thing



In 2012, like many other 30 somethings, I came to a “crossroads” in my career.  Although I was a successful fundraiser, I felt that I no longer had the passion that I once had.  I took a year off to find myself and rediscover my passions.  One night I happened upon a mixology class and thought to myself, “how cool would that be?” I took a chance and signed up for a year long apprenticeship in mixology.  Sounds crazy, I know but such are the best things in life.  It turns out that my teacher was a true master and was eager to share how he had intertwined his culinary knowledge with the pre-prohibition drink tradition that makes the perfect cocktail.  


Every class was a true mix of culinary wonder, historical references, and creative challenges.  I was hooked.  I had forgotten what it felt like to be mentally stimulated and truly passionate about what I was doing.  I lived and breathed mixology and wanted to share what I had learned with family and friends.  I’d often carry two large bags of homemade and artisinal ingredients to parties.  I did my mixing of just the right sprits and liqueurs, with my hard to find bitters, and my homemade syrups.  I did my magic and gave friends and family tips on creating the perfect cocktail.  As I was explaining a recipe to a good friend, she quickly stopped me and said, “wouldn’t it be great if I could just buy it already made.”  I told her that it was impossible and that nobody had ever produced a ready-made cocktail and maintained the drink’s integrity.  She thought about it and agreed.  I thought about hat conversation for months and knew that I could take my new knowledge and do something amazing. 


This is how Drunken Fig came to be…..  One friend’s desire to enjoy a great cocktail at home and my desire to create the impossible, an authentic cocktail in a bottle.